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Urrggh…. I’m dying.

I haven’t posted in a long, long time because I’ve been super busy practising. Filling up sketchbooks, customizing vinyl toys, making maquettes, learning how to do pixel art, getting comics published and printed stickers ready, stuff like that. In fact, the only reason I’m posting now is because I’ve started dying of swine flu, or possibly the ebola virus, or possibly it’s just the common cold. I dunno, I’m not a doctor.

My brand name image-editing software has died. So instead of a nice new picture, have Purple Aki again:


Purple Aki

Purple Aki is my favourite sex offender ever. This man was an urban legend for about fifteen years; a 6’7″ Nigerian body builder who would swoop down onto some unsuspecting young athletic male and ask to feel his muscles. I heard this guy wore a purple suit, according to Wikipedia, some people believed he had purple hair, or wore a purple cape when he was out sex-offending. He would terrorise Liverpool throughout the late eighties and nineties, but it was only confirmed that he was actually a real person when he was arrested in 2001 for boy-touching.

In his defence, Purple Aki said that he wasn’t groping young men for sexual pleasure, but that it was always his dream to find the next body-building champion of the world. Part of me hopes that deep down, he’s telling the truth.

Purple Aki stickers coming soon.